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Finally an Update!

I think that Jonathan and I should win an award for being the worst bloggers. We've had so many huge things happen in our lives since we lost blogged... so many in fact that each is worth of its own post. Since, however, we have waited this long to post, I'll hit the majors so that it won't be too much to read.

My Dad's Election

Jonathan and I were blessed to get off work in Oxford for 3 weeks so help my dad with his campaign for US Congress in Georgia's 7th congressional district. We really enjoyed our time helping my dad pursue such a big challenge. My dad is generally the behind the scene person, so it was very nice getting to be his support. The primary was held July 20th, and I'm sad to say that my dad didn't get elected to run in November. We knew going into the race that the chance was slim, but this has opened other doors for politics. My dad now has a new hobby to pursue.
Some Growing News...
I was extremely exhausted the whole month of June helping ou…