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A Quick Update

This past month feels like it has been jammed full with activities and deadlines. We went to Texas and I got to meet a lot of Maggie's great family, I stood up in Jonny Cake's awesome wedding (hair only slightly singed from the bachelor party firecrackers), we completed stage one of our Reach Global forms (Thank you everyone who filled out a reference for us!!), and moved out of our duplex. Last week and this week have been full of work and running those random errands that never seem to end. My dad has been in town for two weeks, and leaves tomorrow. We enjoyed having him around.

Maggie's Birthday is today, and to celebrate we went to The Melting Pot, a fun fondue restaurant where you cook your own meat. Happy Birthday Maggie!!

As we look ahead to what June holds, we continue filling out RG forms, I am leading worship for the highschool week of our church camp, (and Maggie and Patrick will be there too!), and I continue to evaluate keeping my lifeguarding job.

A couple pr…