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Fun Outdoors

Last week we got to take a day off and go have some fun outside! Here are a few pictures!

 That's right--sliding down a waterfall!

Miami Baby!

Photos taken by Jean-Marc Dinghin

Big Dilemma

I recently had a conversation with a friend that brought to light one of the biggest dilemmas we're facing in preparation for Costa Rica: humanitarian aid vs. spiritual support
Honestly when you think about it, our ministry has got to be one of the most non-humanitarian fields to raise support:
- We're going to a second world country (not third) that is known for its beaches, tourism, and adventurous activities
-We're going to work with missionary kids. Yes, kids who's parents love the Lord, teach His Word, and are in full-time ministry.
-We're not specifically working with Costa Ricans-- though an increasing number of Costa Ricans attend the youth group because it's a great place to work on their English
-We're not going with the intention of training a Costa Rican to do the ministry-- we're working with mostly TCKs, who want someone who can relate to the cultural tension they face. (side note: we have an incredible Costa Rican adult who was part of th…


On Labor Day weekend, Jonathan and I were finally able to celebrate our anniversaries-- yes that was supposed to be plural and with the emphasis on finally! Our first anniversary was celebrated in the hospital with a 2 day old, and our second anniversary had a dinosaur theme (Patrick's 1st B-day party)... so we finally set aside time to celebrate and do something fun together:
We took white water kayaking lessons!

It was such a blast to learn this new sport and to now be able to go out and do it ourselves. We spent one day learning how to roll (or I spent it trying to learn) and the second day we went out on the Tuckaseegee River in North Carolina. Our coach/guide, Roger Huff, did an excellent job. We learned so much and had a blast playing in the rapids. They were a fun 2 days!

Our 2 1/2 years of marriage have been the farthest thing from easy. We started our first 2 months of marriage living in Ecuador. Two months later, pregnancy hormones kicked in. Add moving 5 times, searchin…