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It's so awesome to see God's faithfulness through this whole process to get to Costa Rica. God has been present through every step, and his perfect timing is becoming more and more evident.

Two years ago in October, we were in Minneapolis applying with ReachGlobal. On the way to our meeting to find out if we were accepted, a double rainbow painted the sky. It reminded
me of God's promise to Moses and of His faithfulness.

The last month has been crazy with hope and wonder if we would make it to Costa Rica in August. Two weeks before we were cleared to go, we were overwhelmed with the question "will this happen?" On an evening when I was most discouraged, a rainbow again painted the sky. It wasn't about my wishes for timing or even a result of my effort. God is the only one who is faithful, and He assured me that He would be faithful in getting us to where He's clearly led our family. Just 4 days later, we had the funding to go!

We're now here, and I&…

Pura Vida - We have arrived!

Pura Vida!
Literally translated, 'pure life', this is a common greeting with Ticos.

We are happy to announce that we have arrived without hassle and are almost all the way settled in!

Quick facts:

Left for airport 8/19 at 6amArrived in CR with all of our bags at 1 pm CR time (currently on mountain time--but CR doesn't do daylight savings and time stays the same year round)No problems or taxes in customs (9 bags, 3 carryons, 1 guitar, 2 personal items) Dinner and groceries provided for us for the first week. Set up with internet at home within 24 hrs of calling the company. What!!Language school orientation starts Monday, first youth group event is Saturday 8/31Patrick is doing very well considering the time zone, and loves his new room! (pics below)

Our last days in the United States where a whirlwind. We had a bittersweet time at our church on our last Sunday, and had the house [mostly] taken care of by the time we went to bed Sunday night. Maggie's sister had to…