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Today we celebrated our first year in Costa Rica. While we're getting use to things taking longer than expected (the biggest adaptation thus far), there are some things that still baffle us. For example...

I went to pick up a package today at the post office. Home delivery rarely happens and is challenging when your address literally translates to this: "San Francisco de Dos Rios, From the pharmacy La Pacifica, 400m east, 10m south. The garage is grey". That's great except the pharmacy is now a bread store and has been for 8 months. Somehow telling a taxi driver this always gets me home.

Anyways, this is the process for getting our package once at the post office:

sign with passport at the guard shack with written proof of receiving a packagereceive a lanyard badgego to the back of the post officego to counter 1give letter telling you have a packageshow passportreceive a stamp on letter with your signature and passport numbergo to counter 2show stamped letteracknowled…