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Things have been going well on Chestnut St. I had a my weekend class trip last weekend, and my last class trip is this weekend. Last Sunday we actually got to go climbing outdoors--a nice surprise for the February trips. No such luck this weekend though. Patrick is taking a step or two here and there, but still lacks the confidence to stand alone for any period of time, even though he is capable. Maggie and I, on the other hand, sometimes forget that we aren't capable of standing on our own. There seems to be a constant temptation to start worrying about the future and take matters into our own hands. And a frightening forgetfulness to commit those things to prayer. God is gracious. Pray for us in this.

            I think I've really come to appreciate Oxford. When we moved here I dreaded being in the flat country and farm lands. I had concluded that I was either a city person or a backwoods person. Something in between was hard to grasp. The Spirit is generous to l…


We currently have 9.95% of our support raised to go to Costa Rica. We're getting much closer, and trying to see this as an encouraging fact instead of still having 90% left to raise (just writing this is discouraging).

While the reality has set in that Costa Rica is much farther away than we wish, we see how God is using this extended time (well at least it feels extended with our original expectations) to better prepare us.

First, we're constantly having to trust that this is where God has lead us. Being so assured of His leading, we expected the funds to come in quickly for us to be able to leave. This has not been the case, but we still know the youth group is where God wants us to serve. The waiting has exercised our faith muscles. Though it's taking longer than expected, we will not lose heart because if God wants us there, we'll be there!

To echo the growth in trust, we're having to trust God to be the Provider. When we got the go ahead to start raising suppo…