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Who Sends The Missionary?

In response to Missions Agencies Send No One, posted yesterday on The Gospel Coalition, career missionary Ross Hunter (my dad) wrote these thoughts. Now I love Training Leaders International, (the author of the TGC post is their president), and I think Darren Carlson was writing toward a vision of what should be, not what is currently. So read the article, and then entertain an alternative perspective:

Who Sends? by Ross Hunter
"Missions agencies send no one." 
Practically speaking, in my experience it is not quite so simple. There is an interesting dynamic going on in the missionary sending process of this century. God is using the universal church (in many cases "churches", "individuals", and "sending agencies" of whom many rely upon Bible Schools and Seminaries outside the church for training), to send out his missionaries. Exceptions are recognized. 
The mission agency essentially sends the missionary, through the recommendation of an individua…