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22 Months and 25 Years

Here's an update on the Hunter bunch:

Patrick turned 22 months on the 18th! It's hard to believe he'll be 2 so soon. His favorite things in the world revolve around BALLs: basketBALLs, basketBALL hoops, footBALLs, drawing basketBALLs and footBALLs, drawing basketBall hoops, playing BALLs with Mommy or Daddy, or imagining he's playing a BALL sport. It's amazing his continued love and focus on sport (he's been hooked on Basketball since June). His favorite food is pizza or anything with marinara sauce. He also is excellent at speaking and today said "Wow Mommy, the bubble landed on the bubble wand." He now sleeps in a big boy bed and loves sneaking into our room in the morning. He's also still potty training, which goes well until other things are more appealing then the Elmo potty. He's such a bundle of energy, joy, laughter, and imagination!

Jonathan turned 25 this month. He has now entered the realm of true adulthood since he can rent a car wit…

You had me at PIE!!!

We recently started hosting Pie and Movie nights where we watch a short film entitled The Road Home. This is an amazing tool as it depicts Pico (the son of an Indian diplomat who spent his childhood in England and is then placed in a boarding school in India) as he struggles to make since of his unsorted identity. He runs away from the boarding school and hops in a cab to head back to England. Through his encounters with a funny Indian cab driver and a french woman who wishes to be Indian, Pico tries to make since of his Indian looks and British "insides." 
We follow up the 20 minute film with a discussion on TCKs and what it looks like to grow up somewhere other than your parent's passport country and one day plan to return to your parents' "home." We talk about culture, culture shock, re-entry, and the excellent advantage TCKs can have. It is really neat to watch people begin to understand half of the students we'll be ministering to in Costa Rica.