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Patrick pics and a funny video

Patrick cracks up at such random things

In The Mind of Third Culture Kids...

One of the youth groupers wrote a blog post that gives a snapshot into some of the inner turmoil of a TCK (Third Culture Kid):

Costa Ricans !!! yeah, lately i've been thinking if i'm really a Costa Rican, how do i look my culture ??? do i love it ???or  i just say..." well, what you gonna do ??" lately i've wonder if i really love my culture or my country ??.... i don't really know, i haven't been in a posicion where i have had to leave my country, and i really don't know how will i react when the moment happens, am i gonna cry ?? while i was abscent, i thought about all of this, and i started to compare the american culture, do i love it ?? and suddenly a big smile on my face !!!!!!!! when i just think about it.... i smile... its something i don't do with Costa Rica... but while i was gone i could marvel with God's creation, seing all the beautiful mountains in the morning, seeing a beautiful waterful, and just looking at all the flowers, the …

A Job Well Done

Think of a time in your life when you worked hard at something and were recognized for it. Maybe your employer noticed your work and said something like, "Jim is our best worker", or, "Sally is very dependable". Maybe you even got that incomprehensible idea known as a raise! Or maybe you walked away from the semester with a 4.0 GPA. (although, I would have been elated with a 3.anything!)

You know that feeling you get where you take pride in your work. It feels good to look back on hard work and see results. Even if the work itself was miserable at the time, somehow, it was worth it.

Today I taught both of my Beginner's Rock Climbing classes. I have 19 undergrad students in each class for eight weeks. Today we continued to learn about knots, setting up a belay system, and practicing their belay techniques, etc. Both classes went really well--unexpectedly well. After the classes I was checking the Climbing Team email (another part of my job) while I was waiting to…

Let us pray

I was able to go to Vietnam in 2008 for two weeks with a group from Moody. One of my favorite parts of the trip was the role prayer played. Considering most southern Vietnamese didn't speak English, we would take the opportunity to pray out loud as we walked the streets, ran into challenging situations, and praise God for the work of our Vietnamese brothers and sisters. That trip really conditioned me to take everything and turn it to prayer.

Recently God is growing me again in the area of prayer, and it's been awesome! I started reading a book on Spiritual Disciplines and it used the analogy of a gym: "You can't expect to go to the gym and expect to come out a body builder unless it is something you are constantly working towards." So with God's help, I've been "exercising" myself in prayer. 

It's been really neat to see how prayer is one of God's way on enabling us to join His work. I've found that when I'm praying God will bring…

"I don't know where I would be without AMCA International Youth Group..."

Today's blog post was not written by us, but by a student leader in the AMCA youth group.

Where would I be without the AMCA International Youth Group?  

I don't quite know the answer to that question, but it wouldn't be here and now.  Granted, I would probably still be on the mission field with my parents, I would still be at the same school, but would I be the same person inside?  Would I have the same understanding of my faith and what it means to have a relationship with God if it hadn't been for AMCA Youth Group?  Perhaps.  God does great things and goes to great lengths to reach out to us.  I feel strongly, however, and always tell people that I would not be where I am today in my Christian walk without AMCA IYG.  That is because AMCA is different from any other Youth Group I have ever been a part of.  Allow me to explain. 
I grew up on the mission field. As you can imagine, I've always gone to church, always heard about Jesus, knew all my bible stories, always k…

On the road again

After spending Christmas with Jonathan's family and New Years with mine, we headed to Birmingham, Alabama to make more contacts with potential ministry partners. On the two hour drive, we prayed that God would use the time to the fullest and fill our schedule with appointments. He did! We met with a friend from Samford's University Ministries greatly encouraged us and told us about Steer Inc. Steer Inc is a great organization that connects farmers to missionaries. This program, which I'm sure Jonathan will explain later,  enables our rancher and farmer fiends to take on an extra cow or to use an acre of land to support us. All they donate is their labor and feed, and Steer Inc covers the rest. Whatever profit is gained goes towards our ministry. We'll be contacting farmers and ranchers we know this week, so praise God for creative ways to enable them to join our ministry!
We were also able to visit some of my friends from Samford whom I haven't seen in over a year…