On the road again

After spending Christmas with Jonathan's family and New Years with mine, we headed to Birmingham, Alabama to make more contacts with potential ministry partners. On the two hour drive, we prayed that God would use the time to the fullest and fill our schedule with appointments. He did! We met with a friend from Samford's University Ministries greatly encouraged us and told us about Steer Inc. Steer Inc is a great organization that connects farmers to missionaries. This program, which I'm sure Jonathan will explain later,  enables our rancher and farmer fiends to take on an extra cow or to use an acre of land to support us. All they donate is their labor and feed, and Steer Inc covers the rest. Whatever profit is gained goes towards our ministry. We'll be contacting farmers and ranchers we know this week, so praise God for creative ways to enable them to join our ministry!

We were also able to visit some of my friends from Samford whom I haven't seen in over a year. It was so nice to reconnect with them and see their mature, adult lives. It's crazy that I'm friends with teachers and lawyers since back in the day! 

We were also able to visit our now dear friends, Michael and Elizabeth, who a parents of our good friend from Moody. Our time with them was extremely encouraging. It's great to be around a family that lives and knows that God is in control of everything!

Other visits included seeing another parent of our friends, a couple who did missions in San Jose, and staying at Wayne and Anita's house (they have always been my Birmingham family). 

God opened so many connections this trip, and we look forward to new connections when we return.

Thank you Lord for a great trip!


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