Salasaca is located South of Ambato on the way to the city of Banos. According to The Joshua Project there are 16,000 Salasacan Quichuas, and we know that there are only two evangelical churches. The majority of the area is syncretistic Roman Catholic. For the linguists out there, Salasacan Quichua is lexically distinct from Chimborazo Quichua (who already have a Bible in their language). For the rest of us, this means that the vocabulary of the two dialects of Quichua is different, resulting in the need of a Bible translation specific to the Salasacan Quichua people.

The Bible translation project began 20+ years ago, and it is this project that Maggie will be working with. The two missionary families in the translation team are the only missionaries working with the Salasacan Quichua people and the church.

Maggie and I are excited to work with these missionaries in the translation project and the church. We hope to learn a lot about a new culture, new language, and the same God who loves them, us, and you.



  1. We are so proud of you and your missions.
    Bettylynne and Jim


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