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Friday morning, Jonathan woke up at 5:30 with a stomach ache. It was so bad, that he had to stay in bed all day. We really don't know what it could be from, but we are guessing that it either has something to do with the Ecuadorian Pizza or water. Considering Jonathan was out for the day, I had quite the experiences. I had to take our bike--which has a permanently flat tire and the chain comes off the gear every 5 minutes-- into town to make copies of our language lesson. I'm proud to say that despite the embarrassment caused by the bike, I was able to get the copies I needed and a Sprite for Jonathan with my Spanish skills. It was quite an endeavor because I had to follow directions to another copy center because the place we went before was closed.
In addition to using my Spanish there, I also met with Bertha, our Language teacher, for an hour. I had to communicate instructions to her with my mad pointing skills and Spanglish. Somehow, it worked out. I was rather happy about it, so I had a huge smile on my face when I walked into the other room in the translation center. The two co-translators, Nacey and Juana, asked Larry how I could be so happy when my husband was sick. It made me laugh.
After doing some translation things-- going over Idioms in James-- I was able to spend some time taking care of my sick husband. Then we had Kid's Club. 14 kids from the community showed up. We played boardgames, soccer, kickball, read a Bible Story, and handed out vitamins. It was a lot of fun. Half-way through Kid's Club, though, my stomach started aching... Not the BUG! Jonathan and I went to bed soon afer Kid's club to kill the thing.
Saturday we celebrated our one month anniversary by drinking this nasty, chalky medicine to help our stomachs. The place we are staying lacks comfortable seating, and we were tired of laying in bed. So we decided to go to his house in Latacunga. This meant hitch hiking to the center of town. It was my first hitch hiking experience, and I was so happy! We then tried to catch a bus, but they are doing construction on the major road by Salasaca. So we ended up paying a truck to take us to the next town to catch a bus there. Crowded, stuffy buses was not the best idea for our stomachs. For some reason, Ecuadorians believe that if you open your window to have a draft that you will get sick. Not having the windows open made Jonathan and I even more sick. Once we reached Ross's and Mary's, it took us a while to lose our green tent. We spent the rest of Saturday catching up and playing Ticket to Ride.
Today, Sunday, was another full day. We went to the Quichua church here in Salasaca. Last Sunday they were complaining that no one had prepared "special music." This week, Jonathan played a Spanish song that is similar to "Better is one day in your house." After worship, Jonathan and I met with the youth for Sunday school. There were 16 teens who showed up. We went over the Gospel, and how it is something that we need to be really familiar with. They had a lot of questions and were very interactive. After the lesson, one of the girls asked if we could have a Bible Study on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. She wanted to learn specifically about dancing in the Bible. We agreed to Tuesday and Thursday, and we said we would see about Friday. Dancing is a big issue in the church right now. Teenagers are discouraged to go to social gatherings that include dancing. Please pray for Jonathan and I to be able to clarify what Scripture has to say but to not go against the church leaders. This could be very complicated, so we would greatly appreciate your prayers.
After church, we went with the Salays to the country side. My stomach was still bothering me, and I really debated going. We hiked for about 2 hours to see these beautiful views and lakes at 13,000 feet. It was really fun, but my stomach isn't too happy now. Tomorrow is a whole other full day, so hopefully both of our stomachs will be better.


  1. It sounds like you need a Mama there to take care of both of you. Don't overdo it, a bug can get pretty nasty.

    I love your blog. This is a great way to tell your story and not have to continuously repeat it. Love, Mom


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