Are We There Yet?

Jonathan and I have now been married for 20 days, and we have been traveling since we left the Church. First it was to Florida for the wonderful honeymoon, then to Georgia to pack up the rest of my things. Then it was a trip up to northwest Georgia to explore a cave. Then 6 hours later, we were in Ohio for a few nights... just long enough to unpack from Georgia, pull or stuff out of storage, and pack again. Finally, we made it to Ecuador on Tuesday evening.
We are so thankful to be here in Ecuador for me to complete my internship. I am just 6 weeks away from graduating and couldn't be more excited. We are both ecstatic about doing my internship in Salasaca. I will be able to do some linguistics work, and Jonathan will get to work with the church. It couldn't be a better match. We can't wait till Saturday when we actually get to settle down for a little while.
We hope that this blog will allow you to be a part of our trip and allow God to teach you as He teaches us. Thank you in advance for your prayers and encouragement as we enter all these new experiences... newly married, new to Salasaca, new to the Quichua language, and Ecuador being new to me.


My Spanish was rusty last night as I talked with my old friend Marcos. I found myself hesitating every third sentence or so, and racking my brain for words that I had stored somewhere in my head, but refused to come out again.

Almost four years ago I left Ecuador to go to school at Moody in Chicago. Now I'm delighted to be able to come back for my new wife's internship. But even after living in Ecuador for some 12-13 years, this will be a new experience for me!


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