Since we've returned...

so much has happened since we came back from Ecuador. We moved into our new place the same day we arrived. It was crazy, but we were so excited to have our own place. We are living just out of the city limits of Oxford, Ohio. It is just north west of Cincinnati, where Miami University is located. We are excited to be so close to Jonathan's grandmother and serve her as our new ministry.

Moving in has been a fun process. We've been blessed with so many gifts, so thank you for helping us build our home. When we first got here, we only had a couch and a bunch of lamps. Thanks to Oxford college students and some generous families at our church, we now have a full house. It has been so neat to see how God has provided. I kept a list on the fridge of different things we needed. It took no time at all for God to provide. It seemed that as soon as I put something down, we would get a phone call or would find something on our list for an ideal price. All of this seemed to be more confirmation that this is where we are to be.

Further confirmation came in the job category. We gathered and filled out as many applications as we could get our hands on. In just 3 days, we both had 2 jobs. Jonathan is working at Jimmy Johns. He's been working deliveries but now might have a promotion as shift supervisor. I got a job working at SoHi. It is a grilled sandwich place. Both of us are now in the sandwich business. In addition to these jobs, we got an absolutely amazing job.

We will both be employees of Miami University's Outdoor Pursit Center. We'll directing and managing the Youth Climbing Team. Basically, we get to teach and supervise students, elementary-senior high, rock climbing. It's amazing to have such a fun job and to be able to work together. The job comes with a great boss and a membership to the athletic center. We're so excited about the opportunities our jobs will bring to encourage other and proclaim Him.

In other new news, Jonathan and I just officially graduated from Moody Bible Institue. It feels so great to finally be done with school. Wearing the cap and gown helped the reality sink in. We're done!!! It was also a great time to catch up with so many great people. It has been so long since we have been around a community our friends and believers. We are so proud of so many of our friends who are going all over the world to serve Christ.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers, support, and friendship. We are so blessed to have so many who love us. We'll try and keep you updated on any new and neat things.


  1. So glad God has been providing... as He always does. I am excited to see you guys next weekend.
    Love, Rach

  2. Your new place looks great! It's really awesome to hear how God has been providing the things that you needed! I would love to hear more about the campaign trail.... :) Miss you, friend!


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