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It seems that our first few months of marriage are on the move. We've been away from Oxford almost every weekend with weddings and family visits.

Last weekend, we came down to Georgia to attend a rally in Duluth for my dad. He's running for U.S. Congress. The rally was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed reconnecting with so many people from Duluth. Jonathan and I were able to help out a ton, and we were glad to have the opportunity to serve my dad.

My parents loved our help so much that they tried to convince us to stay. We didn't think it would work out, but we were flattered by the offer. However, we didn't stop thinking about the opportunity. Jonathan and I both had tough days of work the following Monday, and began to consider it more. Surely we couldn't get 3 weeks off of work with such a short notice! We decided if our employers would allow us the "vacation" then we would know we should go.

Jonathan talked to his manager, and he said that Jonathan should take the opportunity. One down, one more to go. I was nervous about asking for time off because I have only been working for three weeks. However, it wasn't a problem at all! So we packed up our things and drove down to Georgia on Sunday.

We've been here 3 full days, and they have flown bye. We've been going door to door telling people about my dad's campaign and handing out absentee ballots. We've been to some meet and greets and have sweated a ton in this Georgia heat. It's been neat to get to support my family and see everyone who is a part of the campaign.

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