Booking a Return Ticket

On Monday we get to go to Costa Rica. Jonathan, Patrick, and I can barely contain our excitement about seeing the youth and their families whom we've grown to love over these months of preparation. Jonathan has been diligently working on his messages, and they've been coated in prayer. I'm so excited about for him to share what the Lord has been pressing on his heart in front of over 70 students (pray he won't be overwhelmed)!

I'm so excited that I'll be leading a small group of middle schoolers during camp out. The cool part is that these relationships will have all the more time to grow when we're finally able to be there long term. Please pray for all the students that they would be pliable during the retreat.

In the midst of all the excitement, we're also a little sad. This trip is only 10 days. Only 10 days! When we purchased our ticket and had to select the return date, my heart shed a tear. Oh how I wish we could be there for good. We hope that this trip will be more of a motivator in our efforts of building our partnerships. We pray that we'll return with stories to share that will enable others to fall in love with these students and see their ministry need. We'll also be taking footage for a new ministry video, meeting with families, and having a better idea of what our lives will look like when we're there long term.

We'll be updating every now and then while we're there...soon.


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