I recently heard about the discovery of the largest diamond in the world. It was discovered by the inspector towards the front of the mine. The workers had walked past this 3016K diamond everyday!

Diamonds are made when pure carbon is put under extreme pressure. Diamonds aren't found in a form that you would want to wear on your finger or propose with. It takes a skilled cutter to get the diamond just right.

We'll I'm not here to teach you about diamond, but I am here to tell you about our happenings. We're under a great deal of pressure to have 50% of our monthly funds pledged by the end of the month. Achieving this goal would allow us to be in Costa Rica by the end of the year. Not reaching 50% means we wouldn't be able to be with the students until late next spring. We feel this pressure because we love the students, and we want to be with them ASAP. We also feel the pressure because our lives seem to be on hold as we wait for this next phase. We've seen to be in transition ever since we joined ReachGlobal back in October. 

I relayed this story because I know that somewhere in the pursuit of reaching our goal, we've walked across the biggest diamond hundred of times, hundreds of emails, and hundreds of phone calls. In the process of raising support the greatest gem is that we're constantly developing relationships with people who want to partner with us in ministry. We have a giant (maybe even 3016K) opportunity to invest in people, to love people, and to educate people about missions. It's just easy when the going back and forth of numbers and deadlines prevents you from seeing the biggest part of the purpose.

Please join me in prayer and partnership so that we can hopefully make this deadline, but also hold us accountable for learning from God in this process.


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