I recently watched the following video and had great food for thought. Please watch the video below and know that Jeff Gordon (the driver) is a professional racecar driver. Also, sorry for all the bleeping.

After watching this funny video, the car salesman's final remark stuck out to me, "Can we do it again?" This was coming from the man who freaked out during the whole ride. Why the sudden change of heart? Because he knew that he could trust Jeff Gordon in the midst of the crazy driving. Part of him probably knew that he would have enjoyed the thrill of the drive if he had felt secure with the knowledge that he could trust the driver.

So true is this for our experience with God. If we forget that we can trust Him as the driver (and He has the track record to prove it) we're in the same boat as the salesman during the driver... we're scared out of our mind. But if we remember God's faithfulness and that we can trust Him, we're on the best and wildest drive of our lives all in the security of His hands. And we're ready to gear up for another ride.

Jonathan and I are gearing up for the ride of our lives. We thought raising ministry partners was a wild ride (and it has been), but we know an even wilder one is in store when we direct almost 90 students. However, we know that we can trust the Lord who has lead us to this blessed responsibility and know that we're not in it alone. We're strapping on our seat belts and trusting the Lord as our driver.


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