The last 3 weeks have been absolutely crazy...

  • Jonathan ran a Jr/Sr retreat with our students
  • Our intern, Caroline, arrived
  • We had a team retreat with a tremendous amount of car trouble
  • We packed everything up the day we returned
  • We moved to our new house and cleaned up our old
  • We've started to furnish our house (not so easy without a Bed, Bath & Beyond)
  • We hosted a pancake dinner for our students
  • We're planning our big spring retreat
  • We got over a stomach bug
Things have been so full that we're forgetful, unfocused, exhausted, and easily frustrated. Praise God that He is constant through the change and the stress that it brings. Praise God that He is unmovable and never shaken.

During our retreat, I was reminded of Colossians 3:15: It comes just after Paul lists out things for believers to put on. 
And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. 

We're definitely not in the middle of peace, but in our hearts we are very thankful for all that this business brings and the peace that we can rest in the most stable God. 


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