God is in Control

I am more than eager to go to Costa Rica. This picture of the youth group is the background for our computer. Every time I see it, which is often, I pray for the students that they would seek God and find Him. I pray for the young women that they would find fulfillment, satisfaction, love, and encouragement from God in His Word. I pray that the youth will desire to know God and know His Word. I pray for Jonathan and I that we will be leaders worthy of this ministry He has called us to. We pray that He will use this time in preparing for Costa Rica to teach us how we can better minister to these students.

There are so many different ways God has made it clear that He desire for us to go to Costa Rica. I'll have to write a post about all the different ways at another point. We trust that God will provide the necessary funds for us to actually go and be the youth directors. However, it is challenging to trust Him when things aren't going at the rapid pace we desire. We're supposed to be at 50% support by January to be able to attend a conference that is necessary for us to be in Costa Rica by August. Right now we are at 5% support. Reaching our goal seems impossible, but it provides a great opportunity for God to show Himself and to show us that He desires us to be in CR and to show all finances are ultimately His. Lord, we have great faith that You are capable!

I am an extremely positive/optimistic person. I've really enjoyed this process of telling people about Costa Rica and watching them respond. I've been blown away by people's generosity and praise people for their stewardship  However, today was the first day that the 45% remaining has seemed too big, too hard, and too impossible. Please pray that Jonathan and I will continue to know that if God wants us there that He will provide. In our hearts we know it's true, but mathematically it seems really crazy.


  1. I was feeling this way yesterday as well, so I prayed for both of us....thanks for your heart for the IYG youth....my kids will so benefit!


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