This is Patrick's new favorite word. Hands down. Any time he sees a ball, he exclaims with fresh delight in a high-pitched voice--"Ball! Ball! Ball!" We'll hand him the ball, and he'll toss it, and proceed to point--"Ball! Ball!" If possible, he is even more excited than before. He continues to get more and more excited as he plays with whatever ball he's got. He'll walk around holding the ball, going up to everyone in the room letting them know what he's got--"Ball!!"

But it doesn't stop there. Anything round is deserving of the exclamation: Ball!!! Whether it be a wheel, or a Frisbee, they're all balls. He'll stop whatever he's doing just to point and tell you that he sees a ball. Even if he's screaming and crying, balls get first priority. He'll stop, briefly compose himself--"Ball!"

But it doesn't even stop there. He'll spot a ball 50 yards away. It gets the same level of attention any other ball gets. Often, he'll point out the window--"Ball! Ball!"
"No, Patrick, that's a bird--a bird!" I'll say, talking about the birds sitting out on the grass.
"Ball! Ball!"
Sure enough, twenty feet beyond the birds lies a red ball. I wouldn't have even noticed it if he didn't point it out to me.
"You're right! Great job, there is a ball!"
"Ball! Ball!"

I wonder if Patrick is constantly on the lookout for ball, searching every horizon for one (One time he even looked into the sun and let us know that it was a ball). But I kind of think that they just stick out to him. They're just that obvious.

I learned something from my son. I wonder how ready and often I point and say,"God!" He is so at work in my life, sustaining my every breath. I wonder how many times I've said something like, "isn't it nice that it all worked out," or, "what a coincidence". When life is comfortable, I more often have to be shown--no, that is really God.

If all I see is God--if He is my default setting--life gets sweeter. Even in uncertain and painful times, I can point and say--"God." Holding onto what I know about Him, putting it in the forefront of everything I see or hear, everything is better. Not easy, but good. Because God is good. And faithful. And He's in control. Even when life is uncertain, God is here. And I belong to Him.

It's when I lose sight of God, and I stop thinking of who He really is that I get lazy, discouraged, and more vulnerable to sin. I pray that He becomes 'just that obvious' to me, as balls are to Patrick.


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