Meetings, Meetings, Meetings... but all so much fun

Being back in Costa Rica was such a privilege. It was an honor to meet so many families who love the Lord and so many teens who desire to mature in their relationship with Christ. Plus, they were all really cool! I'm sure we'll talk about camp-out in another post, but I wanted to share about all the meetings we had with the families.

Between our last visit and this one, we've been able to have a meal with at least 15 different families who are a part of the AMCA youth group. It really helped me to see the broad range of students that fit under the description of "Third Culture Kids" (TCK). Many of the students were born, grew up, or have parents from countries outside of Costa Rica. It was so neat to see how each student feels at home in the youth group with others with similar backgrounds.
    In addition to meeting these families, we also had a parent's meeting. It was absolutely wonderful to meet even more of the parents of our future students. It was a neat time for us to be introduced as the coming youth directors and for Jonathan to share about his messages for campout so they could be in prayer for their students. We ended the time in prayer with the parents circling Jonathan and I and praying for our ministry to their kids, raising support, our marriage, and our preparation for coming to Costa Rica. It was such an encouragement to know that the parents also are eagerly waiting for us to come down and work with their students. It was a blessing to feel entrusted to minister to their youth. God used this to assure me that He is working on getting us to Costa Rica and will do so in His timing. I just hope with great anticipation that it's soon.
    Activity at La Cumbre


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