An important 10 Seconds

I haven't watched much of the Olympics this year. But I was recently able to watch Track and Field's 100m race. The speed of these Olympians amazes me. What baffles me is that they spend 4+ years training for a race that only last 10 seconds. In a fraction of a minute, they either won gold or lost. They don't have a chance to do it again. All have to wait 4 more years to get the opportunity to prove themselves as worthy of the gold.

It made me think of this temporal life in light of eternity. I know Jonathan shared a video on the blog a while back about this, but I was reminded of this again. Olympians have one purpose, to win the gold, and they push themselves towards it. They spend hours at the gym and restrict their diets. As Christians, we have one purpose: to glorify God.

You either love Christ or you don't. You either glorify God with your life or you don't. It isn't just 4 years, it's a whole lifetime that we strive for just this one goal-- that God would be glorified. It isn't a 10 second race, it's an either you are or you are not. The best Olympian gets the gold, but all who believe in Christ get eternal life. With eternal life, the gold is not something you remember the glory of the moment; it is glory that you experience forever!


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