In accordance with the Deuteronomy 6 commands and exhortations to keep the Word on my mind at all times, I try and listen to a lot of sermons during the week, where a Bible passage is exegeted and applied. My favorites remain John Piper, Alistair Begg, and James MacDonald (although I'm going to start listening more to Tim Keller as well).

But I hadn't listened to a lot of worship music. Part of this is because of when doing my internship at a camp back in '09, worship music was played as background music during meals, and pretty much during any part of the day. I'm against this, as I've found that it became easy to "tune out", and inevitably even "zone out" even during church while people are worshiping God. What a tragedy!

Recently, however, decided that I needed new music with which to express my worship for God. I bought, and recommd the Passion 2012 White Flag album. It's reviving to worship with sing new songs. It's so important to keep the Word on our minds and in our hearts, and just as important continue to find new ways to ascribe worship to God! I strongly encourage you to try and do something along these lines sometime!

Oh sing to the LORD a new song;
sing to the LORD, all the earth!
(Psalm 96:1 ESV)


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