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On Sunday, I had the privileged of speaking to a group of students from Greater Atlanta Christian School (GAC) who leave on Friday for a short term missions trip to Ecuador. Of all places, they will be in the same general area where Jonathan lived when his family first moved there!

I was really excited to speak to this group of students because it was 9 years ago on a missions trip to the Czech Republic with GAC that  I sensed the Lord leading me into missions. It was that trip that launched the journey of God giving me a heart for the Nations and for me to anxiously wait for where He would lead me.Presently, I am eager to be serving the students of the International Youth Group where Jonathan and I strongly feel is where the Lord desires for us to be.

I shared with the students my journey into missions and challenged them to pray that the Lord would use this trip to speak to them and give them direction into the future. We talked about Ephesians 2: 8-10 and how the Lord prepared them for this trip and plans to use it to mold them. The second thing I challenged them with was to make sure that their good works of feeding Compassion kids and leading VBS would cause others to glorify the Father (Matthew 5:16). The purpose of the trip is not for them to feel good about their deeds, but it is to glorify God!

I loved being about to encourage these missions minded students as they prepare to go out. Please be praying for them this coming week!


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