We had an interesting incident recently.

I was working a high ropes course out in 'back country' of our town (aka, in the woods behind the park). I was belaying students as they climbed up to the 40ft platform before zipping back down(...on a zipline). About a quarter of the way through the program, a Sheriff's helicopter flew by, low to the ground. Interesting. Normally the only choppers we see in this area are hospital choppers, medivacing severe patients to more sophisticated hospitals and ORs. By the time it circled around, now flying lower, I stated out loud, 'looks like there's a manhunt,' half joking. Everybody laughed. Sure enough the University's emergency text came through that police were hunting an armed gunman (redundant?) and cautioned noble citizens to stay away from that certain part of town, which was about 5 miles away from us. But the helicopter kept on circling the high course. It passed over once, twice, and a third time--now lower than I'd ever seen a chopper fly. So my boss called the University police and found out that we were fine where we were. and we could finish up the program. So we did.

Sorry, no 'moral of the story' or insightful spiritual lesson. Just an anticlimactic happening. :)


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