Loving Jesus

Been praying a lot about really loving Jesus. Not just loving who he is or what he's done for me, but really loving the person of Jesus Christ.

I find myself in a place of discontentment working on raising support. Like I should be doing more with my life. I don't think this stems from a desire to achieve goals or to prove myself to Him. But rather a genuine desire--a yearning--to really be more like Christ. A Christian. A "little Christ". To spend my time and life in a way worthy of the one who bought it. Because thats what I *want* to do. And I honestly question that much of the time spent making phone calls, writing emails, and just figuring out what to do next is how Christ would spend his time if he were here now. I say "much" because there have most definitely been times of speaking into friend's lives and being poured into be God, but they seem like a minority compared to the months logged under 'support raising'. I just want to live like I actually believe the Bible says and glorify God. Please pray for me.

In other news we are arriving at a crazy point in our lives: two weeks in the Chicago area and three in Georgia. A final push to reach the fifty percent support we need by July to be able to leave by the end of the year. Please pray for us in this too.

I'm glad to be alive, and really glad to be learning and growing. I pray that you would be too.


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