After spending a week in Chicago meeting up with old friends, watching Jonathan's sister graduate from Moody Bible Institute, and telling people about our ministry in Costa Rica, we headed up to Portage, WI.

A friend from Oxford moved up there to be the senior pastor of an EFCA church, and he invited us to speak about the ministry in Costa Rica. We gladly took him up on the offer to speak with his church and to see our good friends.

Little did we know that the weekend would turn out to be so exciting! Our friend ended up going into labor in the middle of the night and had a home birth that morning before we left for church. Welcome to the world  beautiful baby girl!

Since our friend couldn't preach, the church asked Jonathan to give a message. Thankfully, he had the notes from the message on Philippians 3 he gave at the youth's campout. All of this turned out to be a huge blessing because the congregation was able to see our love for Jesus and how He's directing us to the youth in Costa Rica. We were also able to connect with more families as a result of change of plan. God had much better plans than we would have expected!


  1. God prepares our steps and knows them all. You would be so proud of East Side Boys Bible Study...they were each given five mil($10) to turn into more in whatever way they decided. They are holding a fundraiser on Saturday PM post-Bible study to benefit Jonathan and Maggie! And part of the boys won't be here when you arrive--
    You made an impact. People raising is hard, but worth it....and yes, we are praying you get here soon!

    Love, Cathi

    1. That's so great! We love those guys and are humbled by their excitement. Thanks for praying. We miss you guys!


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